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The app crashed a couple of times upon using it, but never during actual video playback. Further investigation into the iTunes ratings and reviews section shows that many users have had the same difficulties. Hopefully an update is in the works to fix this issue. VEVO HD is the ideal app for music lovers of all types. What’s great is that. May 24,  · Vevo Shuttering iOS and Android Apps to Focus Music Video Business on YouTube. Vevo is well known for being a platform that users can go to watch the latest music videos, but many viewers simply use the company's YouTube channel, leading Vevo's iOS, Android, Apple TV, and other apps to struggle with Mitchel Broussard. Dec 21,  · After using the VEVO HD app, I am thoroughly impressed with the app.. As a music fan and someone who enjoys watching music videos, I can say that this app is the best way I have found to watch music videos for free on the iPad.

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This app has been around for over a year, vevo music app ipad, but the recent update has revolutionized how users watch and listen to music. According to VEVO, their app allows users to watch 50, music videos from more than 11, artists. If nothing looks appealing, search for an artist or video by using the convenient search bar, vevo music app ipad.

As users type, the search results start showing suggestions instantly so users can view artist or video results in a matter of seconds. Videos can also be browsed by genre. Once a video is loaded, music fans vevo music app ipad subjected to a quick advertisement before they can watch and listen. A quick tap on the screen lets users view the playlist, adjust the volume, view the video details, add it to their playlist, share the video on Facebook or Twitter or buy it on iTunes.

Thanks to the continuous play vevo music app ipad, users can sit back and watch video after video without interacting with the app. Despite a few bugs that need fixed, VEVO HD is a solid music video app and its free purchase tag makes it hard to resist.

VEVO HD is clearly a more cleaner and organized version of YouTube for music videos, and its expansive catalog leaves little room for disappointment. Review disclosure: note that the product reviewed on this page may have been provided to us by the developer for the purposes of this review. Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score.


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vevo music app ipad


Vevo HD iPad App. Vevo, the music industry’s version of Hulu, has built an iPad app to support all your music video cravings. While most of us may intuitively think to use YouTube to watch the latest Lady Gaga (I’m semi-kidding) video, not all music videos are available on the iPad via Youtube. May 24,  · Vevo music platform axing iOS and Apple TV apps, shifting to YouTube only. Announced in a blog post, Vevo says it will be removing its apps from not only iOS and tvOS, but all other platforms outside of YouTube, which means its webOS (Smart TV), Android, and other applications as well. Going forward, Vevo will remain focused on engaging Author: Peter Cao. May 24,  · Vevo is likely one of the more popular music video streaming platforms on the internet. Most people view their content on YouTube, and today Vevo plans to .